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Severe back pain to be felt in the lower part is called lumbago. Is very common in both sexes. As often after the age of 20-25 may occur at any age. Sağn waist or waist-hip from time to time in starting to spread to the back surface. Ir selection critenons one or both of the body may also occur. Such as weight lifting in healthy individuals is usually a result of exertion or a sudden movement of the body after a reversal may occur. Pain is very severe and occidental, the slightest movement, even with a violent cough or hiccup.

The muscles on either side of the spine, especially as more than a yandakiler, violence and contraction of the body length of the spine to twist sideways, causing a patient can not make any motion to change this situation. Muscles on either side of the spine to remain under pressure, severe pain with eating or blow out. At this stage of examination in the legs, the nerves go to the root of the abuse had been crushed or no symptoms can not be found. Passed spontaneously after a period of pain, herniated disc or similar heavy with has nothing to do with a table. Such a phenomenon of the disc between lumbar vertebrae and that a defect in one strain, or after a move, if you have weakness in muscles, the disk may suddenly slide shows spinal canal.

In this region, intense sensory nerves within the spine damage ağmın that causes severe pain.

In addition, waist-to-right region gradually emerging as severe in some pain, but not any time during the acute phase can sometimes last for years. During certain periods of life, this pain is quite mild, sometimes severe strains could result in a few days of this period in time where the patient is no longer accustomed to the constant pain and weakness in the lumbar region leaves. Chronic low back pain, arthritis destruction caused by a hard disk or a ring as the backbone of the continuous channel, and slipping into the network of nerves in the spine occur as a result of trauma sustained. Fibrous ring of the disc between the vertebrae during tissue destruction is more fragile and less flexible, disc rupture may cause slipping backwards.

Chronic low back pain of mechanical destruction of the disc as well as other factors also are important. Some of the weakness of the muscles of the back and waist of the patient is gaining weight. More common diskopatide waist area x-ray of the spine between the range contraction or disc spine touch the edges of arthritis due to bony ring is seen, these changes are strong and tight muscles in individuals with any problems do not cause. Backbone of the surrounding muscles are weak, becomes or gain in weight because of the muscle of spine movement to ensure that expenditure required power increases, the spine and muscle imbalance between because once chronic back or neck pain occurs.

First, drugs in the treatment of chronic low back pain and physical therapy to apply. On the disk to prevent tissue destruction, in other words, the function of the disc to be loaded is impossible to find a shock absorber. On the one hand in the spine nerve tissue trauma, be to remove the anti-inflammatory and Pain killers rheumatic drugs to be used, on the other hand, feeding by organizing, rheumatism, osteoporosis (bone tissue density decreases), or menopause-related hormone imbalances, such as a special case treatment of such measures and symptoms to eliminate is intended. For this particular implementation of physical therapy to massage and walking, swimming, gymnastics, sports such as skiing and tennis, a part of daily life must be made.

For a moment, before the healing of low back pain for at least 24 hours bed rest should be applied. Immediately after this period should be to move gradually, and especially should not be burden to the hip. Pain attacks usually lasts 48-72 hours, then disappear again when Pain will occur is unclear. Ağnyı to reduce acute pain in the region can put a hot towel or hot water bottle. Of the patient lying on a hard surface, for example, Altman wooden bed without a bed or pillow is recommended to be placed. Pain relievers such as aspirin taken to alleviate Ağnyı could also accelerate the healing of which does not forget.